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Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing strategy is built on the base of driving measurable results. We take an omni-channel approach to online marketing with a focus on upward conversions, repeat traffic and generating greater brand loyalty online.

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Digital Marketing Process

STEP 1 :

Developing an effective Digital Marketing Strategy

What is the purpose of this marketing plan?
  • What are your goals? What are your objectives?
  • What marketing challenges have you faced?
  • Who are your ideal customers and how can you attract them?
  • Where do potential buyers look for companies like yours?
  • How much should you invest in a marketing programme?
  • How is this marketing programme going to provide a positive ROI?

The Creation and Maintenance of an Effective Website Platform

  • Easy to Navigate
  • Professional Appearance
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Responsive Design
  • Easy-to-Update

STEP 2 :

STEP 3 :

Generate More Traffic

By increasing the traffic to your website, you increase the number of opportunities for visitors to turn into leads.
  • Social Media Integration
  • Onsite & Offsite SEO
  • PPC Campaigns

These tasks are proven ways to bring new and qualified visitors to your site.

Convert Traffic To Leads

Create attractive offers and calls to action that appeal to potential buyers at all levels.

    The Proven Process:

  • Build landing pages that describe the offer with a form to collect leads information.
  • Upon completing the form, the user will gain access to the offer, receive an auto responder email, and be entered as a lead in your CRM system.
  • Place Calls to Action (CTAs) throughout the site to encourage more lead generation.

STEP 4 :

STEP 5 :

Converting Leads into Sales

Marketing automation is used to perform these laborious tasks cost-effectively and hands free!
  • Lead Intelligence
  • Segment Leads
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Email Marketing
  • CRM Integration

Measure Everything

“Most important metrics measured”
  • Traffic Statistics
  • SEO Success
  • PPC Costs and Rates
  • Blogging Effectiveness
  • Social Media Audience Size and Growth
  • Email Subscribers

STEP 6 :

We partner with the world's most innovative technology companies, and we choose Hostshop

John Smith – Risotto Co

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Some Facts About Us

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