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Website Redesign Services

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Our Process

Website Redesign Services

Website Redesign


here are many different reasons which will necessitate a site redesign. It could be that your site was developed few years ago and is now completely out of tune with present day sites. Due to this reason visitors might feel unsafe and be reluctant to visit your site. Another reason could be that the site is not receiving sales as expected because of several different problems ranging from slow loading speed to navigational problems and site errors.

During a redesign all these aspects are looked into and fixed so that your site can work as required, draw user’s attention and properly represent your brand.

Our re-design and upgrade services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements including:

Professional Look & Feel

Content Management

Valuable Contents/Information

Mobile Friendly/Responsive Design

User Interaction

Google Analytics Integration

SSL https Enabled



Search Engine Support

Improved Navigation

Graphic Changes

Website Optimization

CDN Enabled

Payment Gateway Integration

Security & Backups


Website Redesign | HostShop

Professional Looking
Website Redesign Services
at Most Affordable Prices

Before utilizing our website redesign services you need to ask yourself some questions and if many of the answers are a no then your website certainly needs a redesign.

Is the site getting visitors as you expect?

Is it easy for your users to find information on the site and navigate it properly?

Are you getting sales on the site as expected?

Have your competitors redesigned their sites recently? Do their websites appear to be more functional than yours?

Is content on the site delivering right message?

Does the web site adequately represent your business?

Do your visitors feel secure while browsing the site and consider it trustworthy?

Is it easy for you to update your site as and when required?

Are you able to track as well as analyze visitors coming to your web site?

Is it easy for users coming to your site to contact you?

Website Redesign Process


It’s important to evaluate your current website pages to determine whether the content on the page should be kept, updated or discarded. Identify what is working and what isn’t. Identify what the strengths and weakness of your current website are and benchmark your current metrics and analytics data. To do so, start with Google Analytics. You can learn how to setup, install and interpret the data with this guide to Google Analytics.

Goals Identification

Now identify your goals and what you picture the end result to be. Are you just looking for a more professional website or are you hoping to get more leads and sales? Whatever your goals are you’ll need to be perfectly clear in order to create a website redesign strategy that meets your expectations.

Strategy Creation

Next your website redesign team will outline a plan for achieving your goals based on your needs. If you are simply looking to develop a more professional image then look in depth at competitors’ websites, as well as websites you like outside your industry, to get a better understanding of the look and feel that you are going for. Identify your content needs and create a strategy for your website content.

Needs Assessment

Based on your goals, deliverables that are needed to carry out the website redesign successfully are outlined and assigned to stakeholders for delivery. For example: Content, Graphics, Brand Brief etc.


Here your team gets to work and puts it all together. At this stage you will view sitemaps, wireframes, mockups etc. for feedback. Any necessary adjustments are made to move the process along.

Review & Launch

The final part of the website redesign process is testing the newly developed website. At this stage you test drive the website to ensure that it is functional, error free, that the forms work and most important the website works across all browsers and devices seamlessly. If all is well, then sign off on the website launch.

Our Strong Points

1. Expert Design Team Determination to Meet Deadlines

2. Regular Communication with Clients

3. Professional & User Friendly Designs

4. Dedicated Designer to Understand the Requirements and do the work

Website Redesign | HostShop

The Given below tasks will be performed
as part of Website Redesign:

During site redesign we take up several different tasks to make sure site attains best possible user interface, has all the required functionality and adequately represents your online identity. Let us give you a brief insight into some of the tasks:

We include content management system (CMS) into your site (if not already present) so that you can update as well as add new content on the site as and when required.

As part of our website redesign services we include important seo functionality on website so that it can achieve higher ranking in search results.

We improve site’s HTML code, optimize scripts used on the site and put in the effort to reduce size of images so that your site loads faster to provide users with better browsing experience.

Our highly qualified designers update the layout of the site according to latest design trends as well as improve the navigation so that visitors can quickly find information they are looking for.

As part of the redesign process we add tracking code (such as Google Analytics) so that you can view details of visitors coming to your as well as check the pages they open during their visits.

Your site needs to work equally well on mobile devices as it does not a deskptop computer. For this we convert your site into a responsive one so that it works perfectly irrespective of the device it is viewed on.

Our designers perform various usability tests such as; hallway testing, remote testing, paper prototype testing as well as conduct expert reviews and take help of questionnaires to ensure site works as desired and users do not have to face any difficulty while browsing the site.

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    Why should you outsource website redesign services?

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  • Technology and expertise
  • Market awareness
  • Long-term solutions

    Benefits of HOSTSHOP website redesign services

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  • Affordable and high quality designs
  • Attention to detail
  • Commitment to your business
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