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f you are looking to market your products and services in an instant, in an innovative manner, e-brochure can be a great option for you. Imagine promoting your products and services to a client, who is present in a different continent. Don’t you think it is great? HOSTSHOP allows you to reach a wide audience base, with its e-brochure design services, and lets your customers browse through your offerings, whenever they want and get in touch, with you.

E-Brochures behave like regular hard copies of traditional brochures, with the simple difference that they are not held in hand, but viewed on a PC or a mobile device screen. So, it is no less in potential than a traditional printed brochure. In fact, the former has got much in store than the latter. While brochures include images and text, e-brochures incorporate videos and audios, as well nice animations & effects.

E-brochures or online brochure designs can activate your mental faculty and visual sphere to the images and colours on the marketing tool. Our e-mailable and cost-effective e-brochures can boost your audience conversion and retention capability.

e-brochure Creation | HostShop

The world is quickly moving towards becoming a paperless one. As the economy has been slowing down, companies have been cutting down on costs – and printing accounts for a big chunk of marketing expenses. E-brochures are the new buzzword in the corporate world. They’re light and easy to email, easy to browse through and you can send them to as many people as you want, without worrying about running out of copies. We can create new brochures for you from scratch or even adapt an existing bulky brochure to a more concise, readable form.

All e-brochures will have easy linking within the pages, making it easy for readers to view them and send you an enquiry.

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E-Catalogueue & E-Brochure

E-catalogueues are considered to be an effective tool which can be used to attract numbers of customers to your brand and company. In an E-catalogueue or E-brochure, your company products and services will be highlighted so clearly that even a layman can easily understand them.

There are many advantages of using E-catalogues and E-brochures:

  • Reduce the cost of printing
  • Reduce postage costs
  • Make marketing easier
  • You are able to reach people worldwide
  • Perfect for CD presentations
  • Helps to provide your company information in a clear manner
  • Photo albums can also be included in E-catalogues or E-brochures
e-brochure Creation | HostShop

An online catalogue serves as a time-saving tool to provide valuable information to your prospective customers who want to know more specific information about your products and services. In fact, a catalogue makes it simple for potential customers to locate the products they want—thus this method translates into an huge business potential for your company.

HOSTSHOP strives to provide a complete E-catalogue and E-brochure service to our clients. We create the most attractive and well-designed E-catalogues that will make it easy for you to put your product details directly into your buyer’s hands. This will further increase your ability to easily process online orders. We provide the most flexible of services and make sure that no two customers receive similar designs or styles of E-catalogues.

We pride ourselves on being extremely professional and able to provide all related services to E-catalogue and E-brochure customers, including the following:

Hosting the E-catalogue on your online portal

Handling the electronic images of your products

Designing your E-catalogue with any number of products that are subsequently classified into different categories and sub-categories

Designing your E-catalogue with any number of products that are subsequently classified into different categories and sub-categories

We will create your E-catalogue and E-brochure within your planned budget and will not exceed it. With this in mind, we are able to offer our services at an affordable cost.

We create the E-brochures or E-catalogues so that they are accessible on PowerPoint, PDF format, CD and Flash.

In addition to the services featured above, our professionals are very creative, and ensure that they only develop unique designs that you will not find anywhere else in the world. Thus, we make your brand, products and services to tally unique in your competitive industry.

We are very quick to respond to our clients, and offer a fast turnaround time—you will never have to wait long to receive your E-catalogue or E-brochure from HOSTSHOP.

So pick up the phone today and speak directly with the team who will help deliver your e-brochure, the way you want it.

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