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How to Manage Custom Alerts in Google Analytics

Custom Alerts | HostShop

Google analytics is a very useful tool to analyze websites and apps performance. You can’t monitor your Google Analytics account 24/7. Fortunately, Google Analytics give you the option to set up email alerts. You will receive an email notification once you set triggered in Google Analytics. It’s a simple way to notified of key changes in traffic.

Create Custom Alerts

Step 1: Sign in to Google Analytics and navavigate to your view.
Step 2: Click on “Custom Alerts” under Personal Tools & Assets.
Custom Alerts In GA | HostShop
Step 3: Click on “New Alert”.
Custom Alerts In GA | HostShop
Step 4: Fill the custom alert details.
Custom Alerts In GA | HostShop

You can put your mobile phone as well but only for United States

Custom Alerts In GA | HostShop
Step 5: Save your new alert.
Custom Alerts In GA | HostShop

Editing and deleting a custom Alert

If you have learnt to create it, then you can easily follow how to make change it. To make changes or delete an alert, simply navigate your view section and under Customization tab, click on Custom Alerts and then click on Manage custom alerts. Then simply chose the alert you would like to edit or remove.
Custom Alerts In GA | HostShop

Bennefits of custom alerts

  • Although there are some implied benefits as I mentioned above, there is more to custom alerts that you can construct at the moment.
  • You can always alert about your website traffic
  • Tracking trends all over the website
  • You don’t have login to your Google Analytics account to check updates
  • Be active about your online business

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